System Upgrades

Upgraded Systems & Services

You may have noticed some changes around the New Jersey Law & Public Safety Credit Union lately. That’s because we have overhauled our systems and services to make banking more convenient and efficient for our members.

It’s More Than Just An Update

We have upgraded and updated our entire organization from the ground up. Planned well in advance, we’ve been diligently working for the past few weeks to upgrade not only our in-house processing, procedures and systems as well as the overall banking experience for you.

We have also upgraded our Website, Home Banking, Mobility mobile banking app, Phone systems, Lobby, Building Security, Backup Systems, Email, the list goes on and on… Have Questions?

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Home Banking

We’ve upgraded our Home Banking product also known as Virtual Branch. As an existing member you’ll need to re-register for the new Home Banking product. Detailed instructions walk you through the process. It’s quick, easy and secure!

Mobility Mobile Banking App

As part of the great new upgrades of services at NJL & PS Credit Union you get a new Mobility App for mobile banking. Our new mobile banking app makes it simple to access your money, check balances and make inquiries from anywhere you have a mobile or WiFi internet connection.

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit is still here and easier to use than ever! We are making things more convenient for you so you can spend less time with red tape and more time for life.

Lobby, Phone, Internet & Security Systems

We didn’t just include our Computer systems, we’ve overhauled our entire lobby! Our new Phone, Internet & Security Systems promise to increase efficiency, communications and reinforce the protection of your money. Come in and visit us today!

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Any additional questions, please contact the main office at (609) 393-1363.