Overdraft Protection

Slide Overdraft Protection Don't Let an Oops in Life Cost You More We Got You Covered

Avoid Unnecessary Fees

Life can get hectic. Normally you’re responsible, on top of your finances & are rarely late paying your bills but “Stuff” happens. Don’t let “Stuff” happen and incur those needless extra overdraft fees on your otherwise organized finances. Relax and be worry-free! NJL & PS Credit Union has you covered.

Overdraft Protection Makes Sense

Apply for a Line of Credit up to $1,000 to cover you from additional fees if you overdraw on your Share Draft Checking account transactions.

Opting into Overdraft Coverage allows the Credit Union to cover your overages for a nominal monthly fee. Your computer isn’t the only thing that should have redundancies. Enroll today and let us help you protect your money.

Contact an NJL & PS Credit Union representative with any questions at (609) 393-1363.

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Any additional questions, please contact the loan office at (609) 393-1363.