Certificate of Deposit

Take Advantage & Earn Extra Cash

If you have the extra funds, why not let those funds make you money with a High Yield Certificate of Deposit at NJL & PS Credit Union. Lock in your high interest earning rates and enjoy risk-free earning for the duration of your investment. Just a $1,000 minimum balance can get you off and running. With Interest compounded and paid out quarterly, it’s fun to see your money grow. Get started and open a CD account today to start earning!

Your Funds are Federally Insured to at least $250,000 by the (NCUA) National Credit Union Administration.

Make More Money with Your Dough

Have a specific goal in mind? A Certificate of Deposit (Share Certificate) is a safe and easy way to earn money with interest. Use your extra earnings to save for home improvements, Education or even a much deserved vacation. We offer flexible terms to meet your financial needs. Contact an NJL & PS Credit Union representative with any questions at (609) 393-0046.

Start Earning

Rates Effective as of 1/1/2023. Rates are subject to change during the month at the discretion of the Board of Directors

Certificates of Deposit

BALANCE$1,000 - $9,999.99$10,000 - $24,999.99$25,000 & Over
6 MONTH0.65%0.65%0.70%0.70%0.75%0.75%
12 MONTH0.95%0.95%0.99%1.00%1.04%1.05%
18 MONTH0.99%1.00%1.04%1.05%1.09%1.10%
24 MONTH1.14%1.15%1.19%1.20%1.24%1.25%
36 MONTH1.24%1.25%1.29%1.30%1.34%1.35%
48 MONTH1.29%1.30%1.34%1.35%1.39%1.40%
60 MONTH1.49%1.50%1.49%1.50%1.54%1.55%
$1000 minimum balance required. Penalty for early withdrawal.
Rates are subject to change during the month at the discretion of the Board of Directors

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate
* APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Federal Regulation D limits account activity to six automatic or pre-authorized transfers or withdrawals on a per month basis. Members are subject to an additional fee after six transfers. Withdrawals and transfers requested in-person are not limited.

Any additional questions, please contact our main office at 609-393-0046 or our Hughes Justice Branch at 609-392-5781