Save Up a Bundle for Presents This Year

Last minute shopping isn’t exactly fun. Don’t stress out worrying about presents for your family and friends this season. Take advantage of our Holiday Club Account and start saving today for the holidays. It makes saving for the holidays simple & effective.

Don’t let the Holidays Sneak Up on You

Open enrollment for Holiday Club is in October, Please reach out to us then or you may also email us.

Apply Today

Time moves quickly and it’ll be time for the Holidays again before you know it. Plan for a stress-free holiday this year and let us help you give the gift of giving. The earlier you start, the more it adds up!

For more information about our Holiday Club Accounts, download an application (available in Oct) or contact us at (609) 393-0046 or apply for an account in person at NJ Law & Public Safety Credit Union.

Rates Effective as of 1st 2024. Rates are subject to change during the month at the discretion of the Board of Directors

Holiday Club

AccountDividend RateAPY
* APR = Annual Percentage Rate
* APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Federal Regulation D limits account activity to six automatic or pre-authorized transfers or withdrawals on a per month basis. Members are subject to an additional fee after six transfers. Withdrawals and transfers requested in-person are not limited.

Any additional questions, please contact our main office at 609-393-0046 or our Hughes Justice Branch at 609-392-5781