Vacation Loan

Make Those Get Aways a Little More Special with a Vacation Loan

Taking vacations with friends and family to enjoy life is what it’s all about. You only get one shot at it and the memories you make that will last you an eternity. Enhance your Vacation and the fun for the family wity a Vacation Loan from NJL & PS Credit Union.

Vacation Loan Applications for both New Applicants and Vouchers for existing applicants are available each year in April only.


Vacation Loans (New Applicant)

Boy do you need a Vacation! A Vacation Loan from NJL & PS Credit Union can help you get that dream vacation that well, you’ve always been dreaming of! Apply today, applications available during October only.

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Vacation Loan Voucher

So you’ve been there done that. If you are a member that has previously taken out a Vacation Loan with us and want to do it again, you’ve come to the right place. Apply today, applications available during October only.

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Any additional questions, please contact the loan office at [email protected] or call (609) 393-0046.

Vacation Loan is strictly email only.
No Calls will be Accepted.

Balances can easily be seen online. No information on your loan is available at the office. Please make sure you complete the correct form The long application is for new loan members the short voucher is for existing loan members. To qualify must be actively on payroll, cannot be on leave.

Thank you for your Understanding

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