VISA Debit Card- Money Access Card, Use your VISA Debit card for Cash, Transfers, Balance Inquiries, Even Shopping!

For speed, safety, and convenience...
Use your VISA Debit card for Cash, Transfers, Balance Inquiries, Even Shopping!

Star ATM Network Plus ATM Network The ACCEL/Exchange

The Convenient Money Source
To carry money the smart way, simply fill out an application which you can pick up at our office or contact us to have one sent to you.

Once your VISA Debit card arrives and you have your 4-digit Personal identification Number (PIN), call the credit union to activate 609-393-0046 ext 227 to activate the card. The VISA Debit system works for you everywhere, allowing you to withdraw cash, transfer funds between accounts, check your account balances-even pay for purchases at retail locations! There are thousands of VISA Debit Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) available day or night. Just look for the distinctive VISA Debit sign. Get out of the bank line, and get a line on VISA Debit convenience!

Take Your VISA Debit Card Shopping
Your VISA Debit card makes shopping easy, too! Look for the trusted VISA Debit sign at thousands of retail locations, such as supermarkets and gasoline stations. Then use your VISA Debit card to pay for your purchases. Paying with your VISA Debit card is as easy as cash, and faster than writing a check! You'll find more and more merchants accepting your VISA Debit card everyday!

There are thousands of VISA Debit ATM locations around the country. There are thousands of ATM locations around the country, just look for the distinctive plus or star sign.

And, remember, when you go shopping, take your VISA Debit card with you. Use your card for purchases wherever you see a "VISA Debit Accepted Here" sign!

Once you filled in the Visa Debit application you can print sign and mail to N.J.L & P.S Credit Union P.O. Box 550 Trenton N.J. 08604-0550.

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