Loan Services

Your Money Is Safe

Safety and security are two major considerations when evaluating any financial institution. You can rest assured that your money is safe with N.J.L. & P.S. Credit Union. In fact, credit unions are the most secure of all financial organizations in the world.

Protected by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the United States Government, member's deposit accounts are insured for up to a combined total of $250,000. No one has ever lost a penny placed in trust with a federally-insured credit union (in compliance with the Federal Truth-In-Savings Act).

Loan Services - Low cost loan solutions, competitive rates and flexible repayment terms

N.J.L. & P.S. Credit Union offers a variety of low cost loan solutions to meet your borrowing needs. Our competitive rates and flexible repayment terms can help stretch the purchasing power of your hard earned dollars.

For more information contact your loan group at or 609-393-1363

  • New/Used Vehicle Loans
  • Bill Consolidation Loans
  • Personal Signature Loans
  • Home Equity Line-of-Credit
  • Home Equity Fixed Rate Loans
  • Share Secured Loans
  • First Mortgage Program

Personal Loan
You can refinance your HIGH interest loan or credit card balance from another financial institution at today's LOW rates. Call or visit the credit union to find out how easy and hassle-free refinancing can be. Our low rates could reduce your monthly payment(s) and put cash back into your pocket- INSTANTLY!

Refinancing your existing auto loan
You don't have to be in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle to benefit from our low rates. If your only complaint about your current new or used vehicle is the high monthly payments, apply for refinancing. Very often, we can refinance your current new or used vehicle loan from another financial institution and give you a lower monthly payment-without extending the term!

Get the great deal you need on the new or used vehicle you've always wanted. Call or stop by the credit union to apply for a New or Used Vehicle Loan or Refinancing today!

Cash In On Your Home Equity!
Attention homeowners! Now is a great time to get the money for all your borrowing needs-whatever they happen to be. Whether you're looking to pay tuition expenses or medical costs, to finance home improvements or a well-deserved vacation- or anything else!- a Home Equity Loan from your credit union can let you do it.

A Home Equity Loan allows you to make good use of your home equity-something many people never do until they sell their homes. What's more, our low rates and favorable terms will let you enjoy considerable savings while you tap your home equity cash reserve. And, because you are borrowing against your home, the interest you pay on your Home Equity Loan may be tax-deductible! Consult your tax professional for more details.