About the Credit Union

Your Money Is Safe

Safety and security are two major considerations when evaluating any financial institution. You can rest assured that your money is safe with N.J.L. & P.S. Credit Union. In fact, credit unions are the most secure of all financial organizations in the world.

Protected by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the United States Government, member's deposit accounts are insured for up to a combined total of $250,000. No one has ever lost a penny placed in trust with a federally-insured credit union (in compliance with the Federal Truth-In-Savings Act).


About Credit Union - Committed to Quality Member Service Since 1958


People Helping People
It's what N.J.L. & P.S. Credit Union is all about-confidential, professional, courteous and personal service. We invite you to become part of our growing family and enjoy the many benefits that membership has to offer.

A Unique Financial Institution...
Thank you for your interest in N.J.L. & PS Credit Union. We look forward to becoming your preferred financial institution.

Membership in N.J.L.& PS Credit Union is limited to employees and retirees of the Office of Law and Public Safety, inclusive of the Division of Motor Vehicles, employees of the New Jersey Judiciary, Office of the Public Defender, Credit Union employees and their immediate families.

As an employee of one of these select groups within our field of membership, you are invited to take advantage of a broad range of low-cost, high-quality products and services designed to make managing your finances as easy and convenient as possible.

Credit Unions are different than other types of financial institutions because our only concern is to serve our members, not a group of stockholders. Because we are a not-for-profit, member-owned association, we distribute excess earnings to members in the following forms of:

  • Competitive dividend rates paid on savings and investment accounts,
  • Low interest rates on loans, and
  • The addition of new products and services.
  • Join our growing family and take advantage of all benefits that membership offers.
Your Board Of Directors...

President: Robert Manney
Vice President: Ruby Cochran
Treasurer: Joseph Severino
Secretary: Carlton Sirman

Supervisory Committee
Chairperson: Maryann Flynn
Samuel Spera
Robert Aragona
Julie Malik
Matthew Peek

Joseph Broski
Rosanne Fairbanks
Ted Baron
Margaret Adams-Trevors
Christopher Nunziato

Directors Emeritus
George T. Coyle
Harry McCurdy
George Schweizer

Board & Committee Vacancies

Members interested in serving on one of these committees should send a letter of interest to:

Nominations Committee
C/O NJL&PS Credit Union
P.O. Box 550 Trenton, NJ 08604-0550